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In a world of chaos and stress, Good Fly uses fly-casting to renew the mind and refresh the spirit.


People in our communities are struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Stress is a normal part of life, but intense or sustained stress, may produce anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and sleep difficulty. Some professions and life experiences may contribute to stress:

Law Enforcement, Fire Protection and Military personnel protect our freedoms, our lives, and our property, and in so doing, experience sustained and sometimes intensely stressful situations.

Medical Professionals and Hospital Workers
have experienced significant stress during the COVID-19 pandemic as they strive to provide for patients while keeping themselves and their families healthy.

Pastors and Counselors help others manage and overcome life’s challenges and stresses, and, at times, require assistance themselves.

Abuse Survivors, Grieving Parents and Spouses, and others have experienced traumatic, life-changing events and can benefit from purposeful, proven stress, and anxiety management.

Part of fly fishing is the adventure of exploring beautiful landscapes and breathing the fresh air.

We use fly casting and fly fishing to renew the mind and refresh the spirit. 

the program

The art of fly casting has long been known to reduce stress and anxiety. The rhythmic, meditative-like cadence of the casting stroke, and the required focus, are naturally therapeutic.

Fly fishing programs have been used for almost 15 years to successfully treat military personnel suffering from PTSD. Studies conducted in 2009 by the University of Southern Maine, the University of Utah, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, found that combat veterans had “significant reductions in stress and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and improvements in sleep quality” following fly-fishing activities.

A Free, One-Day Fly Fishing Workshop hosted by FFI Certified Casting Instructors

We are certified fly-casting instructors and fly-fishing enthusiasts, that provide free fly-fishing and fly-tying instruction to support our communities. 
Our programs are available to groups who have experienced trauma associated with stress. These lessons can be applied to the art of fly fishing or used as a part of a meditative routine that offers continued assistance in renewing the mind and refreshing the spirit.  
The workshop day runs as follows:
  1. We start the day with a great cup of coffee and breakfast snacks during the sign in period.
  2. The first classroom session covers introductions, a brief history of fly-fishing and an introduction to the Pick-Up-Lay-Down Cast (PULD).
  3. The first casting lesson is taught on the casting lawns and we spend about 45 minutes learning the PULD.
  4. The second classroom time covers equipment and the knots required and introduces the Overhead or False Cast. 
  5. The second casting lesson also taught on the lawn covers the False Cast.
  6. The third and last classroom time covers flies and entomology and the Roll Cast is introduced.
  7. We teach the Roll Cast on the lawn and about half the day has passed.
  8. Lunch is served after the Roll Cast lesson and a good deal of socializing occurs before we cover two basic knots with video and practical exercises. 
  9. The afternoon is spent on the water applying newly learned skills and catching fish. Those who tire of fishing, may try fly-tying, explore the venue, or simply relax.   
  10. A brief exit survey is requested before departure. 
Participants interested in continuing their fly-fishing journey will be introduced to their local fly fishing club. 





“Casting Flies to Renew the Mind and Refresh the Spirit”

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