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We are a group of certified fly-casting instructors and fly-fishing fanatics, that want to offer our time to give back to the community that has given so much. Our program proposes to make these benefits available through free fly-casting and tying instruction, culminating, time permitting, with actual fly fishing on a local pond or lake.

We conduct free, one-day fly casting workshops for first responders. These lessons can be applied to the art of fly fishing or used as a part of a meditative routine that offers continued assistance in renewing the mind and refreshing the spirit.  

Our program is implemented by the following:


  • A Full Day Casting Workshop (8:30 am to 4:00 pm) - at a local facility including instruction/practice space, shelter from the elements and the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills either on the water or in a series of skill challenges. (FFI Casting Skills Challenge)

  • Coffee, breakfast food, drinks, lunch and all equipment is provided.

  • Social interaction with instructors and other participants throughout.

  • Opportunities to volunteer to assist other groups wishing to experience the healthful benefits of fly casting.

Each of these activities has a component of practice done individually at home or on the water to further the beneficial effects. Participants of all levels of skill and experience will benefit.

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