We are a group of certified fly-casting instructors and fly-fishing fanatics, that want to offer our time to give back to the community that has given so much. Our program proposes to make these benefits available through free fly-casting and tying instruction culminating, time permitting, with actual fly fishing on a local pond or lake.

We propose to conduct free fly casting clinics with interested groups who have experienced trauma associated with stress. These lessons can be applied to the art of fly fishing or used as a part of a meditative routine that offers continued assistance in renewing the mind and refreshing the spirit.  

Our program is implemented by the following:

  • An Orientation/Informational Casting Fair - This type of come and go face to face interaction is not wise in the current climate so we will soon release a short introductory video as a way to generate interest in the program.  


  • A Full Day Casting Workshop (8 am-4 pm) - at a local facility including instruction/practice space shelter from the elements and the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills either on the water or in a series of skill challenges. (FFI Casting Skills Challenge)

  • Follow-up Lessons - 30-90 min per session, either at your facility or at a local park to continue the fellowship and add to the basic casting skills.

  • Social interaction with instructors and other participants throughout.

  • Follow up instruction for participants wishing to advance their skills.

  • Opportunities to volunteer to assist other groups wishing to experience the healthful benefits of fly casting.

Each of these activities has a component of practice done individually at home or on the water to further the beneficial effects. Participants of all levels of skill and experience will benefit.